Hair Growth Stages

The Hair Growth Cycle
Hairs do not grow in unison, they grow in different stages. This is the reason multiple laser treatments are needed to effectively remove hair.

Puberty Starting Sooner in US Boys – ABC News

Puberty Starting Sooner in US BoysABC NewsTanner staging is 5-stage visual method for assessing sexual maturity through the development of secondary sexual characteristics, including genital and pubic hair growth for males. Stage 1 is prepubertal and …

Phases of Hair Growth and Rest
Ever wonder about the science behind how our hair grows and sheds? Hopefully this video will help make things simpler. Enjoy!

Human hair growth cycle
Our hair grows in cycles in normal conditions, when certain factors are added in such as prescription drugs, certain cosmetics, radiation, hormones, tumors, something affecting our immune system or a genetic factor, the growth will be altered. Humans have hair growth on many parts of our bodies with the exception of hair not growing on the soles of our feet, palms of our hands, our lips and eyelids even though we do have eyelashes. Hair covers the stratified squamous keratinized epithelium which covers the whole body, if you want to see stratified squamous keratinized epithelium you want to look at it on the part of your body that doesn’t have hair. Hair is multi-layered, flat cells with overlying keratin, which is a protein that has rope-like filaments that  provide structure and strength to the hair shaft.
Our bodies have different types of hair, including different colors. Androgenic hair is the hair we get during and after puberty.  The amount of androgens, or male hormones in our bodes is relative to the growth of our androgenic hair.
And then we have Vellus hair, which is mostly seen on children and adult women. Vellus hair develops only during and after puberty. The density of human hair is different in each person. Each strand of our hair has it’s own developmental cycle, when the cycle is finished a new strand of hair begins to grow.

Hair’s main purpose is to keep us warm. Humans are now very much into their body hair. For the unwanted body hair there are many ways to remove it. For the hair on our heads, many take ultimate pride in how it looks in style and color. And for those who are losing their hair there are many hair growth procedures to have the hair grow back.
There are 3 stages that our hair grows in: The Anagen phase, which is also called the growth stage, which begins in the papilla.This part of the hair growth can last from two to six years. Genetics determine the length of this growth stage, the longer our hair stays in the anagen phase, the faster and longer it will grow.
The next stage is the Catagen phase, which get signals from our body to determine when the Anagen phase has ended so it can start it’s process. This has also be referred to as the transitional phase, since it allows the hair follicle in a sense renew itself. This lasts about 2 weeks, in which the hair follicle shrinks because of disintegration. Then the papilla detaches cutting the strand of hair off.
The Telogen phase of the human hair and follicle remain dormant. This time frame can be between 1 to 4 months long.
10 – 15% of our hair is in this growth stage. Then the Anagen phase starts again, since the Telogen phase has completed its cycle. The new hair strand has pushed the other up and out and that is how we at times get those hairs on our clothes!

Our hair grows slow, around 6 inches in a year, that is why when you are trying to let your hair grow it seems to take forever.
I have heard that if man survives that eventually after a 100 years or so, man may be hairless, since we no longer need hair to keep us warm.

Prevent hair loss the natural way |


Hair Growth. There are three stages of hair growth. Once a three-stage cycle has finished, it restarts and a new hair strand begins to grow. STAGE 1 Anagen (growing) – the Anagen stage of the growth cycle typically lasts

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Hair Extentions and Wigs

How To Install Hair Extensions
Donna Bella Milan hair extension educational video. Step by step tutorial on how to apply hair extensions.

Make Your Own Hair Extensions & Save $$$
Buy some 100% real human hair in tracks at Sallys ($19-50), some Snap Clips (you need about 3 for each row of hair, about 9 total @ $1.99 for a pack of 3), sewing thread, a needle & scissors. Enjoy! Follow me on tweet, tweet, tweet! : FTC…

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What You Need to Know About Traction Alopecia – Newscentralga

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: What You Need to Know About Traction AlopeciaNewscentralgaWithout proper knowledge, hair extensions may lead to a condition called traction alopecia, a devastating but avoidable hair condition. You may have seen pictures an …

With age or some prescription drugs we may have the problem of hair loss instead of hair growth. to hid thinning hair hair extensions or wigs are popular.
Human hair extensions are very popular.. As I understand this, hair extensions can be made from human hair or it can be artificial hair. Throughout history women have always taken pride in how they look, especially their hair. Women think men are attracted to beautiful hair! Years ago hair extensions made from human hair was a luxury for the rich and were called switches since they were clipped into the hair all ready on the scalp.

In the Gilded Age in America or the Victoria Era in the United Kingdom hair extensions were used by both men and women. Remember seeing men in powered wigs and women in outrageous piled up hair when watching a movie or program about this era? Well those were wigs or hair extensions.  Hair extensions and wigs were used mostly by the rich to show how wealthy they were and to make themselves beautiful. An interesting fact from 1873 shows how popular human hair extensions were back then, Britain imported an estimated 102 tons of hair from France and it was used for extensions and wigs.  In ancient Egypt there is proof that human hair extensions were worn by the Pharaohs and other important people. There is  a black market for extensions. Beauty salons actually get broken into and the hair extensions are stolen then resold for a good price. Some human hair is more expensive than others. Take for example the hair that has been shaved off on worshipers of the Hindu God Venkateswara this hair is extremely expensive. $900 million dollars is traded through the world in human hair. The most valuable hair is the hair that is collected by a single cut. In this way the hair keeps it’s luster and strength. There are many ways to add in hair extensions to your own hair: clip-in or clip on hair extensions, bonding, fusion, micro rings or micro loop,netting, lace fronts, tracking and hair weave each process has it’s own benefits and disadvantages.

The best quality of hair to use in hair extensions, wigs or hairpieces is called Remy. Remy hair is hair in perfect condition, it hasn’t been dyed or stripped, the cuticles are not damaged, which creates a natural look, of course this is the most expensive type of hair.

Columbus girls donate hair to Wigs for Kids – KOAM-TV

Columbus girls donate hair to Wigs for KidsKOAM-TVThe girls had their hair cut at Park Elementary in Columbus which will be donated to Wigs for Kids, an organizations that provides hair replacement to children who have lost their hair due to things l …

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Human Hair

Witness – Witness – Hair India
For centuries, Hindu pilgrims have donated their hair in a ritual of purification. Hair India follows the journey of human hair from the holy temples of Southern India to the production lines of Europe and on to high class beauty salons around the wo…



A human being loses an average of 40 to 100 strands of hair a day.

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Popular hair product under fire for causing fire – WLBT-TV

Popular hair product under fire for causing fireWLBT-TV(WMC-TV) – A Mid-South teenager says she was engulfed in flames after applying heat to a well-known hair product. Now, one the biggest names in hair care is under fire for using flammable ingredi …

Did you know that hair is one of the defining characteristics of mammals?
Hair is a protein that is made up of a follicle, root and bulb. The follicle is deep inside the skin and is attached to a tiny sebaceous gland and muscle fiber. Hair grows once the follicle collects and bundles old cells. The sebaceous gland and muscle fiber push the bundles up via the skin in a root sheath. This sheath has two layers, an internal and external layer. The external layer includes RNA that gives our hair its color and texture. The internal layer consists of the hair fiber.

The hair fiber is actually a cuticle, constructed  the same way as fingernail and toenail cuticles are. Hair  growth cycle has 3 phases Anagen, Catagen and Telogen. Hair on any part of our body goes through these stages of growth.  Ribonucleic acid or RNA controls our hair texture and what the color is going to be.
Some scientists believe that early humans with much less fur had a higher survival rate. With less fur, parasites like lice that had been causing sickness were diminished, also it made humans cooler and it was easier to chase animals for food.  Since early man lost a lot of his fur/hair he became better swimmers and could use the water as an escape when being chased. Early man were like the dolphins and whales. Why we  kept the hair on our scalps is an interesting question, since we lost most of our body hair, it is probably because it does keep us warm, heat escapes through our scalp.  I have heard in maybe about 100 years we may even lose the hair on our heads, since with evolution we no longer need hair to keep us warm, we now have clothing – and some crazy looking hats to wear!

Some parts of our hair actually protects us, like our eyelashes, eyebrows or the hair in our nose, or ears. Our eyelashes, the hair in our ears, and  nose prevent foreign matter from entering the body Our eyebrow reduces the quantity of light that enters our eyes. The hair also assists in touch reception. This is why all skin surfaces possess hair, fine even though they might be, except in thick regions which include the palms on the hand and soles of the feet.
I think now a day hair is a statement or without hair is statement. Bald is beautiful and to some men, I think they rather shave off their curly hair than have the curls. For women hair is sometimes a status! Especially when you young, so many young girls want long beautiful hair, while others tend to go against the norm  and will use styling their hair a certain way to make a statement about themselves. The hair industry has so many businesses! There is laser hair removal and there are lasers to stimulate hair growth. Hair styling gels to straighten or hair gels to keep the curl! Now men and women are both coloring their hair. So many people fell that gray hair is a sign of aging, and will color their hair to feel younger and to look younger.
There are hair salons everywhere and now in most of these hair salons you do not need an appointment you can just walk. You can buy wigs on the Internet. Not to mention the curling irons and all those other devices used to make your hair more attractive.
I believe that hair is important to one’s personality.  I know some men that have hair implants because they felt they needed their hair to stay attractive. My husband didn’t mind getting gray but when his hair started to thin out that bothered him. He says he loves his hair and to be honest, I really think my husband would not be as attractive being bald. I have a few girl friends that have gorgeous long hair and to them, that is part of their good looks. Some Nationalities haver certain color hair…the Irish tend to have red hair.
So I guess hair will always be a very important part of who we are.

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Fairy Tales of the Power of Long Hair

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Fairy Tale Channel: Water becomes Ice in this Fairy Tale of the Two


Christmas Fairy Tales, Christmas Saints, German Fairy Tales, Egyptian Fairy Tales, Doomed Prince, Horse Fairy Tales, Folklore of the Butterfly Project, Magic Charms and Spells, Christmas Parties and Balls, Pied Piper of Hamelin, Little Red Riding Hood, Rumpelstiltskin, White Snake, Legends of the Virgin Mary, Singing Fir Tree, Rapunzel ….. After a harsh life in the wilderness had destroyed her clothing, the only protection from the elements was her long golden hair.

A Fairy Tale so Real… « My First Concoction


to have hair as long and vanity as great as Rapunzel to find your Prince Charming? Suppose it’s a parallel universe! The fairy tales are not fairy talesb

Disney crossover – Rapunzel’s fairy tale

Ok, this is a really strange project, i know: i thought of this like a book illustrated and self-propelled. I hope that the result is nice as I wanted. The story is quite similar to the original Rapunzel’s story, but i’ve changed however something (i…

ut real life stories of girls named Snow White, Rapunzel or Cinderella.

All through out history and all over the world stories about the power that long hair has, has been written into stories.
It’s amazing that in a fairy tale the long hair of a girl makes a big part of the fairy tale.
The story of Rapunzel, which is a German fair tale written by the Brothers Grimm, Since its first publication in 1812 as part of a collection of fairy tales it has been published in many languages and told to many children, passed down from generation to generation as a great fairy tale. Movies have been made from the Repunzel theme and has inspired many other stories. Every child has heard “Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair”
This fairy tale is about a childless couple wanting a child who live near a garden with a high wall around it. When the the wife becomes pregnant she craves a plant within the walled garden, so her husband climbs over the wall to get the plant she is craving, the witch catches him and threatens to kill him, to save his own life he tells the witch she can have his unborn child at birth. The witch takes the baby and names her Rapunzel. Of course Rapunzel grows up into the most beautiful women with long golden hair. When Rapunzel turns 12 the witch locks her away in a tower with no stairs or ladder to climb.
So when the witch wants to climb the tower she calls out to Rapunzel ” Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair, so that I may climb the stairs, she drops her hair down so the witch can climb up to Rapunzel’s room.
As a prince is riding through the woods he hears Rapunzel singing from the tower, he in memorized by her voice and finds her high above in the tower with no ladder or stairs to climb. He returns many times to listen to that voice he is memorized by and one day he sees and hears the witch call to Rapunzel to let her hair down. He stays until he sees the witch depart then he calls to Rapunzel to let her hair down. He climbs up it, sees her beauty and falls in love with her.
I have heard a few versions of how the fairy tales ends. I like the version of how the prince is able to have Rapunzel escape and they live happily ever after.

Another interesting story about long hair is Samson and Delilah.
This is actually a biblical story about a man named Samson who was granted supernatural strength by God through the length of his long hair. He fell in love with Delilah. Delilah was bribed to find out how Samson had his strength and his hair was cut and he lost his strength. It’s too political for me to write all the details about this biblical story.  Actually I was told this story as a child more as a fairy tale, where in the end of this fairy tale Samson is able to grow his hair back, get his strength back and win the war. Yes, he leaves Delilah.

In 1645 a pigtail was a sign of submission ordered by the first Manchu Emperor after seizing the throne. The Chinese men shaved the front of their head, then combed the back hair into braids not only using their own hair but horsehair or black silk.

In the Manchu Dynasty men grew long hair and wore a pigtail to represent political enslavement. In 1911 the Manchu Dynasty was overthrown and the pigtail was abolished.  If the pigtail was cut off it was believed to harm them spiritually and be an insult. The pigtail was a sign of dignity and manhood.

In the early 60’s it was “cool” to have men grow their hair long and pull it back into a ponytail. I still see some young men wearing a long ponytail. To them it is stating their individuality.

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